Survey Results: 2019 Valentine’s Day Spending Habits

Would you break the bank this Valentines Day?

Gift Flowers HK recently rounded up 500 participants to gather intel on their Valentines Day spending habits and traditions; and the results proved interesting.

Not surprisingly, the most romantic day of the year is more significant among couples still in the early stages of a relationship than those who have settled down. Our survey found that men are willing to spend more on their partners in the first few years of the relationship but will begin to spend progressively less the longer they are together. Nonetheless, 70% of married couples still continue to celebrate Saint Valentines with their significant other every year, whilst the remainder believe this romantic tradition to be ‘a waste of time’.

Of those who do celebrate Valentines Day, two-fifths (40%) will spend approximately HK$1,000 “ HK$3,000 on their loved ones and a surprising 14% will be willing to spend more than HK$3,000. A little under half of those surveyed are not as generous with 27% willing to spend only HK$500 “ HK$1,000, and 20% would spend no more than $500 on gifts.

The first Valentines Day is most significant as the survey found that 67% of men would be looking to spend more than HK$1,000 on their partner if they have been dating for less than a year, whilst only 21% of married men would be willing to spend that same amount on their significant other.

Despite the inflation of flower prices to almost double during Valentines Day, flowers remain in high demand and are still deemed the most romantic gifting option among couples today, with 38% of those surveyed opting to gift flowers to their beloved on February 14th. Jewellery is the second most popular choice with 16%, followed closely by a trip to the movies (14%). Interestingly, the survey highlighted that a fifth (20%) of respondents admitted that their motivation to gift during Valentines Day is to simply ‘satisfy their partners expectation’ on the only day of the year set aside to celebrate love and romance.

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Gift Flowers HK is Hong Kongs leading online florist. As 2019 Valentines Day falls midweek, the company is expecting sales to be robust and is expecting to deliver a Valentines Day gift every 30 seconds.

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