Sense.Chat – The First Provably Secure Video Messenger App

Available now on iOS and Android, Sense.Chat allows you to safely chat and transact with your friends, family, and even strangers in the global messenger community. The Sense.Chat Encryption Protocol uses advanced cryptography combined with the EOS Blockchain to deliver messages so that users will be able to Trust No One and maintain their privacy in an unparalleled, highly secure application. Within seconds, you can create an account then start chatting and sharing cryptocurrencies with the built-in digital wallet.

Sense.Chat is a dApp (decentralized application) built on EOSIO software, initially created by Block.One, whose CTO Daniel Larimer is a known pioneer of scalable blockchain technology. His product developments are the most successful social blockchain solutions created to date.

Features of Sense Chat:

  • Private Messaging: Video and text chat with your friends and family securely using our advanced encryption protocol.
  • Crypto Wallet: Send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies while you chat.
  • Public Channels: Discover exciting conversations and new friends in the Sense community by chatting in public channels.
  • Provably Secure: Each party can encrypt messages with the other party’s public key in a true peer-to-peer connection. Users must have their EOS active permission private key loaded to decrypt messages.
  • Call Freely: Connect using video call or text over data or wifi with no carrier fees.
  • Connect Quickly: Powered by the EOS blockchain; Sense.Chat connects you instantly.

“You shouldn’t have to compromise your digital-self to have a conversation online, said Sense.Chat CEO Crystal Rose. With blockchain technology, the digital world can react in the same way as the physical world. Conversations on Sense.Chat are like having conversations in real life. No middlemen spying on your message or selling your data.

Sense.Chat is now available for free on iOS and Android. The app is available in English worldwide, except for China.

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Sense evolved from Sensay, a cross-messenger chatbot conceived in 2015 that plugged users into a knowledge network of millions of awesome humans outside their social graph, to chat about any topic they desired. Sensay chats proved these connections and knowledge as inherently valuable. The opportunity to build valuable messaging tools for the global economy presented itself as the blockchain revolution exploded in the fall of 2017. Sense continued innovating with CryptoDM, a paid inbox for anyone with a social media following to earn cryptocurrency for their attention. The progression from Sensay to CryptoDM led to Sense Chat, the first of its kind: A truly private, crypto-enabled video messenger. Sense.Chat will continue building tools for connecting humans worldwide and exchanging value in real time.

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