Pennington Fund REIF Announces Dividend for 1Q-2019

Pennington Fund is pleased to announce that its REIF grew 4.22 percent during the First Quarter of 2019, and dividends were paid to those investors who had been in the Fund at least one full quarter.

Pennington Fund’s REIF is a Real Estate Investment Fund-of-Funds which invests in high performing Asian REITs.

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Since inception in 2009, the Pennington REIF has consistently given good value to investors.

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NOTE: Pennington accepts only Accredited/Qualified Investors who are approved after submitting this online application form:

The minimum investment is $10,000-USD for a Micro-Position in the REIF, or multiples of $25,000-USD for Full Positions in the REIF.

Pennington Fund is a non-ETF private fund with registrations in Singapore and Malaysia.

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