Painful Toothache or Urgent Dental Problems: The TeleDentists Provide Relief 24/7

The extraordinary cost of absenteeism and emergency room (ER) visits resulting from urgent and persistent dental issues are prompting employers, insurers and benefit providers to adopt a newly introduced solution from The TeleDentists. This unique teledentistry platform uses advanced telehealth technology, provides immediate access and assessment from a quality dentist who can prescribe non-opioid pain relief or antibiotic prescriptions as needed and a next day appointment with a dentist near the patient.

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More than seven million people each year need immediate access to help for urgent dental issues, says Maria Kunstadter, DDS, co-founder, The TeleDentists. Its no wonder, given the fact that tens of millions of people each year neglect maintenance on their mouth and teeth. In fact, the average person in this country “ regardless of age or economic profile “ has not been to a dentist in three years, making it inevitable that these problems occur.

Dr. Kunstadter draws a parallel between ignoring your teeth and neglecting maintenance on ones car, adding, Eventually, something will go wrong. Thats why we buy insurance and protective services to ensure fast car repair. You only get one set of teeth for life. Buying access to care from The Teledentists, at just pennies a day, is assurance that individuals can access oral care anytime and anywhere.

Gary Wald, CEO. The Teledentists explains, Whenever someone needs help, we get them immediate attention and the steps needed to start resolving the problem. The TeleDentists is not insurance. It is the latest telemedicine specialist and guaranteed access to help whenever that tooth or mouth problem happens.

The first national teledentistry solution, The TeleDentists has already gained impressive market traction, aligning with urgent care centers and health systems and serving senior living centers, colleges and universities “ anywhere people with urgent dental needs live, work and go for help when a dental problem emerges.

Wald continues, This is especially important to people on the go including professional drivers, airline and railroad personnel “ those who are away from home.

About The TeleDentists

The TeleDentists is pioneering tele-dentistry with an easily accessible solution to urgent oral and dental problems 24/7/365. A proprietary, national network of Board Licensed dentists use secure online video consults to connect with patients smart phones, laptops or tablets. They diagnose problems, start remediation and, when needed, arrange next business day appointments with a conveniently located dentist. The service is available to hospitals, urgent care facilities, retail clinics, self-insured corporations, senior-living centers, universities and telemedicine service providers. Visit

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