Murano Connect Experiences 20 Percent Growth During Uncertain Financial Market

Murano Connect, a leading financial services company that matches fund managers to investment allocators, today announced the company is launching a new consulting division as a result of a surge in growth from financial market turmoil. Geopolitical issues, such as the U.S. trade wars and the UKs Brexit, makes investors skittish and drives business for Murano.

The investment markets are looking for something to trade, and the resulting chaos has become tradable, said Ole Rollag, CEO of Murano Connect. Muranos services are in greater demand by smart fund managers seeking to differentiate themselves with asset allocators.

Headquartered in London, Muranos new consulting division will capitalize on the macro information that is compiled from the companys vast asset allocator network, which has grown to more than 34,000 allocators. Allocators do not pay for services, because Murano works with fund managers to match them with relevant asset allocators. This new branch of the company will provide monthly consulting services to guide fund managers as they launch new products and provide strategy around certain product lines.

The new division is a direct result of the tremendous growth Murano has experienced over the last three months:

  • Murano has reached a record high number of clients for the company, supporting more than 100 funds.
  • The company added more than 20% to its staff and will continue to expand and it looks to fill more positions with the new division.
  • The London office has doubled its floor plan to accommodate the new division and its staff.

Murano is the least expensive and most effective way for fund managers to identify qualified investors/allocators during volatile financial markets. Asset managers achieve a competitive edge to differentiate themselves in the market with investor insights through Muranos weekly reports. Murano offers an affordable alternative to third-party marketers or an in-house salesperson, both of which are expensive, by enabling the growth of niche hedge and mutual funds, mid-sized private equity, alternatives and funds of funds.

About Murano

Murano is changing the way that funds and investors connect. Murano provides fund managers real-time insights from institutional investors, including large banks, pension funds, funds of funds and family offices. Investors trust Murano to navigate the growing universe of niche mutual funds, hedge funds, equity funds, fixed income funds, alternatives funds and funds of funds to identify those that fit their investment criteria. Unlike 3rd party marketers, Murano has no economic interest with fund managers and unlike capital introduction teams, Muranos bespoke service only works with funds based solely on their investment merits. Fund managers pay a subscription fee, but allocators pay nothing. To learn more, please visit

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