MondoBrain Appoints Wall Street Veteran Noreen Harrington As Company President

Enterprise Augmented Intelligence leader, MondoBrain, today announced the appointment of Noreen Harrington to the role of President. Harrington first joined the companys board of directors in 2018 and is now moving into her first operational role with the fast-growing startup. This appointment is one of many steps the company has taken to expand the teams reach and vertical market expertise since finalizing its $13.3M series A funding round last year.

According to MondoBrain Founder and CEO, Augustin Huret, this move is simply the logical next step in a highly rewarding relationship that began in early 2018. Noreens council and leadership have proven indispensable over the last 10+ months. She has already been instrumental in translating our momentum as a leader in Europe into rapid successes in the US, said Huret. We are honored to have a professional of her reputation and experience commit even further towards our growth in the US and internationally.

Noreen will continue to serve on MondoBrains board of directors while her new role will enable her to provide her expertise across more areas of the business. Over the last year, the company has nearly doubled in size and expects continued acceleration over the coming 24 months.

Since first joining the MondoBrain team, Ive been inspired by the vision of Enterprise Augmented Intelligence, said Noreen Harrington. The pairing of artificial intelligence with human and collective intelligence has already generated hundreds of millions of dollars in ROI for organizations around the world. Im proud to be a part of what MondoBrain is doing to make this possible.

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About Noreen Harrington Noreen served as Trustee of Adelphi University from October 2008- 2015. Ms. Harrington served as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, head of hedge funds and non-dollar sales in the Fixed Income Division on the global scale; co-head of Barclays Capital Fixed Income, and a member of its management committee. She is a founding member of 85Broads, the Goldman Sachs Alumni Women’s Network, and 100 Women in Hedge Funds. She received various industry awards, including Titan of the Year 2003, Top Fifty Women in Finance (1997), Compliance Person of the Year 2003, and Truthsayer Award.

About MondoBrain MondoBrain is the global leader in Enterprise Augmented Intelligence. The companys advanced AI-enabled decision support suite is the first to integrate human, collective and artificial intelligence. The solution leverages a unique approach to human-centric and explainable AI to optimize performance decisions across the organization with consensus and transparency. MondoBrain clients range from manufacturing and finance to healthcare and retail and include top global brands such as BNP Paribas, Airbus, Johnson&Johnson, and Sanofi. With 50 employees in the US and Europe, MondoBrain is headquartered in New York City with additional offices in Washington DC, Paris, the Hague, and London.

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