MetLife and DeNA Form Business Alliance


MetLife Insurance K.K. (Director, Representative Statutory Executive Officer, Chairman, President and CEO, Eric Clurfain, hereafter MetLife) and DeNA Co., Ltd. (President and CEO, Isao Moriyasu, hereafter DeNA) have announced the formation of a business alliance to produce health-promotion insurance, and to provide services related to the maintenance and improvement of customers health.

Background and purpose of business alliance

We are now entering the era of the 100-year life. The average life expectancy1 in Japan is 81.09 years for men and 87.26 years for women, and growing. Healthy life expectancy2 is also increasing, now at 72.14 years for men and 74.79 years for women. The time after the end of a healthy lifespan3 often requires nursing care, and shortening this period is seen as a way to reduce social security spending. Meanwhile, as companies are increasingly expected to address issues that negatively impact employee health and wellness, extending healthy lifespan is now considered a social issue.

In light of these broader societal circumstances, MetLife and DeNA have agreed to work together on products and services to help customers live longer in good health and with a positive attitude. The alliance aims to facilitate the integration of health care services and life insurance by leveraging the respective strengths of the two companies.

Details of business alliance

At this time the alliance has three specific goals:

1. Development of health-promotion insurance for corporations. We aim to offer products and services that comprehensively support the health-promotion activities of corporate employees (pending regulatory approval).

2. Provide digital services to enhance the enjoyment of health-promotion activities. By focusing on gamification and peer influence, we aim to provide services that enhance enjoyment of customers daily activities, while increasing awareness of their health by leveraging DeNAs know-how around engagement science and healthcare services.

3. Collaborate by leveraging customer base and sales channel strength. By capitalizing on MetLifes expertise in all aspects of life insurance and the strength of its sales channels, as well as the knowledge DeNA has cultivated through its online services and broad customer base, the alliance aims to create a new way to offer life insurance.

1. Abridged Life Table for 2017 prepared by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 2. Period when people can live a daily life without restrictions due to health issues 3. 11th Healthy Japan 21 (second term) Promotion Committee (March 9, 2018) Data for 2016 prepared by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (The difference between the average life expectancy and the health lifespan in 2004 was shortened by 0.18 year for men and 0.05 year for women compared with 2001.)


MetLifes Initiatives

MetLife has implemented various initiatives based on the theme #Change Rougo so that customers can live healthy and rich post-retirement years and everyone can envision bright and rich post-retirement years. Especially for health-related initiatives, we stand by customers and their family members on a daily basis, enrich services for comprehensive support from prevention of diseases to care after treatment and use various digital technologies in order to make customers access to services and information easier.

DeNAs healthcare business initiatives

DeNAs healthcare business has achieved a shift from sick care (where care is given only after illness) to healthcare (where we manage health and prevent sickness) and provided various healthcare services using the Internet in order to extend lengthen healthy lifespans. We have also conducted research and development jointly with many research institutions in order to create new values, solve social issues and contribute to society.

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