Keen’s Clients Increase Profitability 40% in 2018


Marketers for leading consumer brands drove a 40.4 percent increase in overall profitability using Keen Decision Systems unified marketing measurement and optimization platform. Such bullish results fueled 100 percent client retention and more than 90 percent brand expansion in 2019 for Keen.

Just as we encourage our clients to drive decisions based on data, we run our business the same way, CEO and Co-Founder Greg Dolan said. Keen is changing how companies make decisions about marketing investments, according to Dolan; first, by making it possible to evaluate all channels side-by-side; second, by tying out marketing investments to their full financial contribution (no more short-term ROIs); and third, by offering a dynamic solution that lets marketers adapt in real-time.

Once marketers get a taste of it, we consistently see the power of data-driven marketing unleashed. Our clients progress rapidly from measuring program effectiveness and modeling an annual plan to embracing in-flight optimization and even doing risk assessment to compare various scenarios.

Our clients see patterns emerge that once were invisible; and their models reveal new, sometimes surprising, pathways to greater profitability. One of the immediate paybacks of engaging Keen is a boost in credibility with senior management, Dolan said. Making a forecast and hitting it is a fast way to grow that trust.

But Keen is not resting on its laurels. As I said, were a data-driven organization. Well keep measuring, keep analyzing, and keep improving what we deliver to marketers. The more profitable our clients brands become the more successful we all will be.

About Keen Decision Systems

Keen Decision Systems is a software-as-a-service company whose mission is to help marketers build winning brands. Keens unified marketing measurement and optimization platform helps marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions in real-time about the most effective marketing investments, by channel, investment level and timing. Keens customers experience an average 25 percent improvement in brand performance in year one. Keen Decisions Systems is based in Durham, N.C. Connect:, [email protected]. Follow us on Linked In and Twitter.

Nanette Kirsch
[email protected]