KBRA Assigns Preliminary Ratings to VCC 2019-1


Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) assigns preliminary ratings to 18 classes of Velocity Commercial Capital 2019-1 (VCC 2019-1) mortgage-backed certificates.

VCC 2019-1 is a $248.0 million securitization collateralized by 689 commercial loans, each of which is secured by a mortgage on a small balance residential rental or commercial real estate (CRE) property. With the exception of two fixed-rate loans (0.01% of the total pool balance), the pool is comprised of adjustable rate mortgages. The loans have an average outstanding principal balance of $359,912 which range from $73,156 (0.03%) to $3.0 million (1.2%). The weighted average appraisal loan-to-value ratio (LTV) and FICO score for the pool are 62.3% and 704, respectively.

The underlying properties are located in or near 101 Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) across 35 states and the District of Columbia. The top-three CBSAs represent 50.3% of the portfolio and include New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ (25.8%), Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA (18.9%), and Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL (5.6%). The three largest state exposures represent 60.1% of the portfolio and consist of California (29.7%), New York (19.9%), and Florida (10.5%).

The residential assets are comprised of 1-4 unit rental properties (397 assets, 42.7% of the total pool balance). The commercial properties are largely comprised of mixed use (93 assets, 31.5% of CRE), multifamily (55 assets, 20.1%), retail (49 assets, 17.4%) and office (58 assets, 14.9%) properties. The remaining commercial properties (37 assets, 16.2% of CRE) include industrial/warehouse, auto service centers, self-storage, and a daycare facility. The issuer assigned 19 assets (1.9%) a property type of commercial condominium. However, KBRA reclassified this property type as office, which is each assets core use.

KBRA relied on its RMBS and CMBS methodologies in order to analyze the transaction. In doing so, KBRA divided the pool into two distinct loan groupings to which we applied residential (sub-pool 1: 397 loans, 42.7% of the total pool balance) and commercial (sub-pool 2: 292 loans, 57.3%) analyses. KBRA determined losses at each rating category for each of the sub-pools, assuming a straight sequential payment structure, which were combined to reflect the quality of the collateral, diligence, and information quality relative to typical RMBS and CMBS transactions. The losses were subsequently incorporated into our cash flow modeling, which was used to evaluate the transactions credit enhancement levels in the context of its modified pro rata structure.

For complete details on the analysis, please see our pre-sale report, Velocity Commercial Capital 2019-1 published at www.kbra.com. The preliminary ratings are based on information known to KBRA at the time of publication. Information received subsequent to this release could result in the assignment of ratings that differ from the preliminary ratings.

Preliminary Ratings Assigned: VCC 2019-1

Liability Structure


Initial Class Balance(2)

  Class Type  

Credit Enhancement


Expected KBRA Rating


Rated Final Distribution Date

A   $163,542,000   Senior/ Exchangeable/Fixed Rate   34.05%   AAA (sf)   March 2049
A-S $163,542,000 Senior/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 34.05% AAA (sf) March 2049
A-IO $163,542,000 Senior/Interest-Only/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate N/A AAA (sf) March 2049
M-1 $24,550,000 Subordinate/Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 24.15% AA (sf) March 2049
M1-A $24,550,000 Subordinate/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 24.15% AA (sf) March 2049
M1-IO $24,550,000 Subordinate/Interest-Only/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate N/A AA (sf) March 2049
M-2 $10,167,000 Subordinate/Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 20.05% A (sf) March 2049
M2-A $10,167,000 Subordinate/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 20.05% A (sf) March 2049
M2-IO $10,167,000 Subordinate/Interest-Only/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate N/A A (sf) March 2049
M-3 $11,283,000 Subordinate/Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 15.50% BBB (sf) March 2049
M3-A $11,283,000 Subordinate/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 15.50% BBB (sf) March 2049
M3-IO $11,283,000 Subordinate/Interest-Only/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate N/A BBB (sf) March 2049
M-4 $9,299,000 Subordinate/Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 11.75% BB (sf) March 2049
M4-A $9,299,000 Subordinate/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 11.75% BB (sf) March 2049
M4-IO $9,299,000 Subordinate/Interest-Only/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate N/A BB (sf) March 2049
M-5 $5,208,000 Subordinate/Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 9.65% B (sf) March 2049
M5-A $5,208,000 Subordinate/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 9.65% B (sf) March 2049
M5-IO $5,208,000 Subordinate/Interest-Only/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate N/A B (sf) March 2049
M-6 $11,531,000 Subordinate/Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 5.00% NR March 2049
M6-A $11,531,000 Subordinate/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate 5.00% NR March 2049
M6-IO $11,531,000 Subordinate/Interest-Only/Initial Exchangeable/Fixed Rate N/A NR March 2049
M-7 $12,399,379 Subordinate/Principal-Only 0.00% NR March 2049
P $100 Prepayment Premiums N/A NR March 2049
XS N/A Monthly Excess Cashflow N/A NR March 2049
R   N/A   Residual   N/A   NR   March 2049
1 All classes shown in the table above are offered, except Classes M-7, P, XS, and R.
2 Principal or notional amount, as applicable.
3 The Class M-7 certificates are principal-only and are not entitled to receive distributions of interest. This class will be retained by the depositor, the loan seller, or a majority-owned affiliate (MOA) of the loan seller, and may, to the extent necessary, be held in partial satisfaction of the U.S. risk retention rules.
4 The Class P certificates are solely entitled to receive prepayment premiums during the prepayment period plus $100 in principal and will be retained by the loan seller or an MOA in partial satisfaction of the U.S. risk retention rules.
5 The Class XS certificates are solely entitled to receive monthly excess cash flow, if any, and will be retained by the loan seller or an MOA in partial satisfaction of the U.S. risk retention rules.

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