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SpendEdge, a well-known procurement intelligence solution provider, has announced the completion of their latest supply chain study for a fast fashion retail company. The study highlights how companies can gauge short-term trends and boost their customer services. It also gives a detailed insight on how businesses can improve their sourcing process to build a highly responsive supply chain.

The expansion of global markets and networks is compelling fashion retail companies to leverage innovative supply chain solutions and reduce operating costs. Supply chain solutions not only enable companies to manage inventory, transportation, and logistics operations but also helps companies to enhance the efficiency of the distribution side. Additionally, they allow businesses for fast replenishment of inventory to meet customers demands and boost customer service.

According to the procurement experts at SpendEdge, Leveraging supply chain solutions ensures product replenishment for businesses and helps them to optimize pre and post-production inventory levels.”

The Business Problem: The client is one of the leading fast fashion retail companies in Europe. The commitment to deliver unique fashion items and offer more styles for customers compelled the client to leverage SpendEdge’s supply chain solutions. They were also interested in creating a sense of urgency among their customers to sell out their products quickly. This required them to gauge short term trends, reduce inventory and bulk quantities of fabric from suppliers in different countries.

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The Solution Offered: The experts at SpendEdge analyzed the manufacturing and operational process of the company and built a highly responsive supply chain. This enhanced the inbound logistics process of the company and reduced the time taken to source the raw fabric from suppliers. Furthermore, supply chain solutions helped the company to compete on flexibility and agility and reduce the ordered inventory time to three days.

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SpendEdges supply chain services helped the client to:

  • Decrease the ordered inventory time to three days.
  • Compete on flexibility and agility.
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SpendEdges supply chain solutions also offered predictive insights on:

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