Eskalera Introduces Human-Focused, AI-Powered Human Capital Management (HCM) Platform

Tom Chavez with co-founders Debra Kadner, Dr. Tolonda Tolbert, Roopak Gupta, and Vivek Vaidya, announced today the release of their Human Capital Management platform, Eskalera. This groundbreaking platform combines evidence-based findings on implicit bias, AI and machine learning to help companies forge inclusive culture as a source of competitive advantage.

The flagship product, Eskalera Engage, uniquely marries Diversity and Inclusion insights with a companys core HR data to engage and grow employees. The outcome of this data fusion puts actionable insight into the hands of HR practitioners to support the companys growth and revenue objectives.

From driving innovation to drawing from a deeper talent pool, there are countless benefits to having a diverse and inclusive workforce. The business case has never been more clear for this critical work, as McKinsey, in their 2018 report, Delivering through Diversity, finds companies that are focused on D&I are seeing upwards of 3.5% increase in EBIT revenue and significantly outperforming competitors by approximately 33%.

An SHRM report found that 41 percent of managers say theyre simply too busy to implement diversity initiatives. Eskalera Engage has been built from the ground up to disseminate D&I education in a scalable manner to meet multitasking employees where they lie, on every surface and screen, and at every moment of truth.

The product Eskalera Engage consists of Experiences and Insights that connect D&I learning, employee sentiment, and core HR data to build an inclusive culture of engagement.

With Eskalera Experiences, companies can distribute branded, evidence-based Diversity & Inclusion training to the entire organization:

  • Learning experiences that are tailor-made for your companys needs, goals, and situation to cultivate inclusive workplace practices.
  • Secure, trusted, easy-to-use tools to capture employee sentiment while in the flow of learning
  • Actionable, practical tips and interventions for all individuals to learn and grow in service of more engaging and inclusive environments

With Eskalera Insights, companies will have a holistic view of their employee base with a single glance:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion dashboards derived from a complete signal across multiple data sources
  • Real-time, prescriptive insights that leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to bring you data-driven, up-to-the-minute insights about your organization
  • Diversity & Inclusion benchmarking across industry, location, and company size

Tom Chavez, CEO and co-founder states: We are excited about the launch of Eskalera. Our ultimate vision is an environment where every worker, regardless of background, pedigree, race, geography etc, gets a fair shot, and where AI and data-driven methods measurably improve results for progressive businesses that recognize people and talent as their most critical asset.

For more information about Eskalera visit the website at

Katy Feinberg, 212-843-8047