DASH TWO Honored with Obie Award Nomination

Great brands deserve great campaigns. Thats what DASH TWO delivers every time, and now the media buying agency is being recognized for its unique approach to out-of-home advertising.

A memorable billboard created by DASH TWO last fall to promote the re-release of an iconic Beatles album has earned a place among the best out-of-home campaigns of 2018.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has selected DASH TWO as a finalist for the OBIE Awards, one of the industrys top honors, given for outstanding achievement in out-of-home advertising. The OBIEs encompass 18 categories, including digital design, customization and engagement.

DASH TWOs Beatles D&N White Album, for client Universal Music Group, is up for best custom installation.

The agency combined cutting-edge technology with exceptional storytelling to promote the 50th anniversary re-release of the Beatles masterpiece often referred to as the White Album.

The Sunset Boulevard billboard displayed a white image during the day, playing into the nickname for the album. As day faded into night, the billboard became illuminated and showed a different image of all four Beatles, pictured during the groups heyday.

The contrasting images made for an eye-catching billboard no matter the time of day, fading into and out of each other as the sun rose and fell.

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OOH has always been known as one of the most exciting and challenging advertising mediums for design and creativity, said OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. For many creatives, winning an award for OOH design is a true career milestone, and were excited to honor those deserving of a coveted OBIE Award.

There are 134 finalists for this years OBIEs. The OBIE Awards Show takes place Tuesday, May 21, in Las Vegas, during the OAAA/Geopath OOH Media Conference + Expo at the Aria Resort.


DASH TWO is a media buying agency based in Los Angeles, delivering expert solutions for the music and entertainment industries. DASH TWO specializes in online and outdoor physical spaces, usually connecting the two, with campaigns including social media ads, PPC help, video creation and outdoor campaigns utilizing billboards, bus benches and wild postings in high-traffic areas. www.dashtwo.com

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