Clean Energy Nexus-Notice of Intent to Hold an Auction for the Sale of a Long-Term Bundled PPA for Dans Mountain Solar Project


Dans Mountain Solar and Clean Energy Nexus are pleased to announce its intention to offer for sale a minimum twenty (20) year bundled Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the PJM service territory. The project is a late stage utility-scale solar PV project in Maryland being developed by Dans Mountain Solar, LLC, a Special Purpose Entity registered in Colorado, and created for the sole purpose of developing the solar project. In addition to procuring long-term renewable energy, capacity, and environmental attributes, the Maryland Solar Project will also positively impact the local community through job creation, and improved local grid (Potomac Edison) resiliency. The project will produce an estimated 31,300 MWhrs per year and anticipated to be operational by 1Q 2020.

Daniel Gonzales, Clean Energy Nexus, [email protected];
713-222-8378 x102

Joaquin Altenberg, Clean Energy Nexus, [email protected];
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