Can’t Find Our Int’l Condom Day Parody Video? Facebook Censored Us

On Friday February 8th, 2019, Facebook Business rejected AIDS Healthcare Foundations (AHF) attempt to advertise our 2019 International Condom Day parody video. I Wrap It Like That (which is a parody of Cardi Bs hit song I Like It Like that) is an informative, educational and humorous video encouraging viewers to practice safe sex by wearing a condom. AHF does not sell condoms. Instead, we provide over 1 million of our own brands of condoms (for free) annually to the world via AHFs objective with our annual parody video is to communicate creatively with sexually active 18+ adults, and encourage them to practice safe sex by wearing a condom.

Per Facebooks Advertising Policies, Section 9 (Adult Content), the platform prohibits nudity, excessive skin or cleavage. AHFs 2019 International Condom music video does not depict nudity, excessive skin or cleavage. On February 11th, Facebook Business also rejected AHFs 15 second teaser which almost identically mirrors the 15 second I Like It Like That teaser video on Cardi Bs Facebook page, which was permitted to be posted on Facebook.

Additionally, per Section 8 of Facebooks Ad policies, (Adult Products or Services), the social media platform states it allows ads for contraceptives, if they focus on the contraceptive features of the product¦

AHF understands Facebook is a private company and is permitted to censor what it needs to fit its platform. However, I Wrap It Like That covers unique content about stigma and self respect that are not listed in Facebooks Adult Products or Services advertising policies.

AHF, which has over 1 million lives in care, encourages Facebook to approve our positive messaging ads to its 18+ users. If this video saves 1 life, it was well worth creating.

US/DOMESTIC: Marin Austin, Director of Communications, AIDS Healthcare
Foundation. 323-399-3697, [email protected]