BrandTuitive Renames Fast-growing ZenCash to Reflect Its Commitment to Responsible PrivacyTM

New Name, Tagline, Positioning and Messaging differentiate this game-changer in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space 

BrandTuitive, NYC-based branding agency, has renamed fast-rising cryptocurrency ZenCash to Horizen.

Horizen is a one-year-old blockchain project that stands apart from others in its commitment to protecting the privacy of its users. The new name reflects the organization’s visionary approach and its drive to fulfill the promises in its roadmap.The unique spelling of Horizen gives a nod to its Zen legacy, adored by its passionate community.

The white paper that originated this project outlines a foundation of privacy, not for harmful purposes, but to give a choice of privacy in various activities such as financial transactions, chatting, web access and much more to come. Horizen CEO, Rob Viglione, feels that “Privacy is freedom. In a digital environment where people are increasingly skeptical, Horizen will give them control of their digital footprint.” Horizen is much more than just a cryptocurrency but also a platform on which endless applications can be built.

Through its proprietary research process, BrandTuitive revealed the immense respect constituents hold for the Horizen team. They are known as a highly professional group that’s building a sound roadmap and honoring promised milestones. Additionally, their transparency has created trust in the project in an industry that has received considerable press coverage for being questionable. “Rob and the team’s dedication and long-term vision to use this technology for the good of people around the globe instantly endeared us to this brand project,” said Jeanine Debar, president at BrandTuitive. “We knew from our first meeting that there was something special going on there.”

In addition to renaming, BrandTuitive developed the brand positioning and messaging platform for Horizen communicating their vision to harness technology to give a voice to those who would otherwise be silenced. A new tagline, Bringing privacy to life, was launched with the new name and positioning.