Blue Goji to Host Infinity eSports Demonstrations and Tournaments with Award-Winning Infinity Treadmill at SXSW 2019 and IHRSA 2019


Blue Goji, a health and wellness technology company, will host Infinity eSports demonstrations at SXSW 2019 in Austin and prize-winning tournaments at IHRSA 2019 using its patented Infinity Treadmill. Unlike conventional eSports tournaments, Infinity eSports is a unique form of active eSports that challenges players to combine their gaming/mental focus with their physical movements beyond playing any traditional gaming or sporting activity. Blue Goji will showcase two VR-based Infinity treadmills at SXSW in Austin from March 10 through March 13 in Booth 155 and four Infinity treadmills at the IHRSA in San Diego in the WOODWAY Booth 1533 on March 14 and March 15.

IHRSA Trade Show attendees will have the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards by participating in a series of Infinity eSports races with mountain scooters in VR. The race course is composed of difficult and dangerous mountain passes that include steep climbs, fast downhills, hairpin turns, narrow passages along rugged cliffs, and a monster, death-defying jump. Executing back flips during the jump will earn players extra points! The top 16 players from the qualifying rounds “ to be held all day Thursday and most of Friday until the finals begin “ will compete in the semi-final rounds, and the four winners will advance to the Final. The winner and the first runner-up will win a $1000 and a $500 Amazon gift card, respectively.

Blue Goji has been recently named as a recipient of a coveted iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 for the Infinity Treadmill. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world. Blue Goji and other winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 were chosen by an international jury panel of 67 design experts.

More about the Infinity Treadmill

Blue Goji introduced and demonstrated its Infinity Treadmill prototype at SXSW in Austin and at IHRSA in San Diego in March 2018. Since then, the company has completed its final phase of development work with input from physical therapists and feedback from a wide range of potential users, including gamers, treadmill users, student and professional athletes, and older adults with limited mobility (in their 70s, 80s, and 90s). In addition to its unique gaming capabilities, Infinity is specifically designed to accommodate individualized cardio training, conditioning, and rehab programs as well as new types of game-infused therapeutic innovations such as VR-enabled rehabilitation.

Before we gear up for production, we are already seeing early, very promising results from our own testing as well as initial studies by independent research partners. For example, when you need an extra push to finish that high-intensity workout or training, Infinity could be the X-factor to get you there with fun, immersive gameplays. Another exciting result was reported by a geriatric doctor: older adults with limited mobility were showing an improved range of motion while playing our VR game! We are looking forward to supporting these and other advanced studies “ that is, after completing an Infinity conditioning program, could older adults display and maintain their improved mobility in their daily activities? “ with our production machines and new games, explained Coleman Fung, Blue Goji co-founder and chief executive officer.

In addition to promoting fitness and health, Blue Goji intends to continue to support collaborations with researchers and practitioners alike in the areas of active aging and cardio-neuro-therapy for patients suffering from various mental conditions. The Infinity treadmill and the GojiCareTM platform are well suited for a wide range of users and applications: from playing immersive games, training for marathon, and conditioning older adults for fall prevention, to working out or competing with friends online.

Infinity will be commercially available and ready for delivery during the second half of 2019. Blue Goji will begin accepting orders for the new product in April. Infinity will be made in the United States by its manufacturing partner, WOODWAY USA, a Wisconsin based company.

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