‘Asia Blockchain Promotion Global Consortium’ Is Formed

ASTON, one of Korean blockchain platform companies, announced on Nov. 1 that the company formed ˜Asia Blockchain Promotion Global Consortium to create healthy blockchain ecosystem and develop various dApp, strategically centered in Korea and Singapore.

ASTON and three other companies formed a consortium to enhance global organizational capabilities by restructuring their specializing areas. Members of this consortium include cryptocurrency exchange BCoin.sg in Singapore and Bimax.io in Korea, Blockchain platform provider ˜ASTON and Blockchain center (affiliated organization of OhKims Law & Company) etc.

ASTON, conducting this consortium, is the only tech company in which MainNet development is to be completed in this coming December. The company will not only develop ASTON-based dApps but also be highly supportive of blockchain development, startups incubating and financial aid.

OhKims Law & Company, arranging the consortium along with ASTON, will provide one-stop service (OSS) from consulting services to listing and investment in order to activate blockchain ecosystem.

In addition, Singapore CryptoFund (Neo Global Capital, hereinafter referred to as NGC) is expected to be joining the consortium with the launch of 30 billion KRW sized cryptofund. Through the consortium, NGC will financially support commercialization and technological advancements.

The Consortium will officially declare its establishment in the end of Nov. in Singapore and hold the first Meetup for sharing its business plan and growth of blockchain industry. It will also host ˜Start-up idea contest and the prizes come in various forms to selected projects.

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