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A completely cashless payments system installed at a Lancashire school is set to give parents a more convenient way to pay for services and reduce internal cash handling and maintenance costs across the college.

In June 2014, LSA Technology and Performing Arts College implemented the new cashless payments system, initially for school catering, but with scope to be utilised for other school services, giving parents a more convenient way to pay for those services and enabling the College to become a truly cashless environment.

Following the Summer Term 2014, parents and guardians of pupils at LSA Technology and Performing Arts College will experience greater convenience when the new allpay Cashless system is implemented. The cashless technology enables pupils’ accounts to be topped up with funds online, over the phone, via the allpay App or with cash at any PayPoint outlet or Post Office.

Peter Webster, Business Manager and SLT member at LSA Technology and Performing Arts College, said: “We needed to increase the payment options for our parents and guardians to pay for school meals and other school services. The move to a genuine cashless environment will bring greater benefits to the pupils and the college as a whole.”

The previous system used by LSA for taking payments by cash and cheque was via revaluation units, which were outdated, expensive to maintain and added to security concerns at the college. The solution was to replace this infrastructure with allpay Cashless.

Moving to a truly cashless system will benefit the college significantly by removing the need for lengthy reconciliation and cash handling for its catering staff and administrators.  Currently, at the end of each day’s service, LSA catering staff spend valuable time reconciling cash from the revaluation units against transactions. The allpay system means that staff will no longer be required to spend time counting cash and can therefore concentrate on other important duties.

The college will also save costs on cash in transit, as there is no longer a requirement to transport cash to the bank. This in turn reduces the security risk associated with storing/transporting cash.

The allpay catering system will improve financial systems and audit trails with transactions being recorded and accessed through the online reporting facility. Pupils follow the same process and will pay for meals through biometric recognition or by swipe card, with funds being deducted from the online account. Parents can view a full transaction history online detailing what pupils have purchased for meals.

Pierre Galeon, Corporate and Commercial Development Director at allpay, said: “We’re delighted to have been chosen as the cashless payments provider for LSA Technology & Performing Arts College and are looking forward to working in partnership to deliver a truly cashless environment that benefits the college, its staff, pupils and parents.”

The system also allows the 170 pupils at LSA that receive free school meals to remain anonymous from their peers, helping to increase free school meal uptake. Pupils therefore don’t need to worry about losing or forgetting money, which also removes the possibility of bullying for cash.

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