SIX Payment Services is the first Austrian acquirer to accept Sodexo cards at its POS-Terminals.

Since the end of 2016, Austrian companies have been able to provide their employees with the well-known meal vouchers in the form of a chip card. The Sodexo “Food Pass Card” can now be used on all POS-Terminals from SIX throughout Austria.

Card payments have become an integral part of everyday life and so issuing Sodexo meal vouchers in a card format was the next logical step. The new Sodexo cards, based on a chip card, make it easier to redeem vouchers – customers pay as they would with a debit or credit card, and authorise the purchase with a 4-digit PIN (Food Pass Card) or with a signature (Gift Pass Card). This cashless payment is then smoothly processed by SIX Payment Services.

No more billing expenses due to integration into existing SIX systems

To be able to process Sodexo payments for its customers like any other card payment, SIX was the first acquirer in Austria to integrate Sodexo completely into its processing system. For merchants, direct processing with SIX means simpler billing and therefore also time savings. By fully integrating into the SIX processing system, the merchant does not need to submit his card-based Sodexo transactions separately. He receives the transaction bills together with all other accepted card brands, from a single source every day in the service portal “myPayments” from SIX.

Commenting on the successful collaboration with Sodexo, Thomas Grabner,Managing Director of SIX Payment Services in Austria said: “We are delighted to have been able to support Sodexo at its market entry into the card-based payment service. Paying with Sodexo cards via our POS-Terminals is a significant added value for restaurants and underlines the uncompromising dedication of SIX and Sodexo to their customers.

“We are the first card acceptance partner in Austria to offer direct processing of Sodexo payments. This acceptance of the practical Sodexo payment cards generates new and regular customers and increases sales for merchants.”

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