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The color that makes your house look good depends on the surroundings of the house, the landscape and many other factors. There is no particular color that makes your house look good. Make sure you don't make your house look too different from the rest of the neighborhood as it can end up being an eyesore. Make sure to have neutral colors for the roof and if the roof is red do off white on the house. If there is a part of your house you want show paint it in lighter color, for the garage are choose a color that looks good even if its partially washed away, if there are parts of the house you want to hide paint them in darker colors. If you want to try out different colors', paint a patch of these colors on a wall let them dry then judge what looks good. It is important for your house to look good before entering the market or you may miss a great deal.

When we go to buy stuff like clothes or shoes we tend to try them and check for misfit, then why not do it with a home. We should go around the house check the detail, furniture etc. and see if we are comfortable with the house, we should try to imagine how we will live in it when we buy it. If you cannot imagine a proper living in that house I suggest you should let it go. So before making a mistake of buying a costly house that is all tacky and beautiful make sure not just admiring its beauty and buying it make sure you are comfortable with the place as you cannot buy a house daily.

The best thing you can do when your house is being shown is not to be in it. The person selling your house is the realtor you might know your house well maybe too well but you cannot handle clients that a realtor can so take a brake relax and don't be at home. You may have to do some work on the previous day, do the cleaning up, tidy things up, take off all decorations except the neutral ones, keep the cupboards and drawers ultra clean as the potential buyer will open them. Pack some of your items and put them into storage, to show the storage capacity and it will also help you later when you move. Make sure to tell the realtor all the cons and pros of your house the better you explain to him the better he can show it to the clients. These are the few steps you need to follow before showing your house to the buyer.

You can also add in a home business as well for earnings. Are you tired of your job, don't feel like working anymore, you have an interest in plants and maintaining lawns, then get into the lawn care business right away. In the starting when you are setting up your business keep doing your day job until your business is settled, as being too hasty will not be good for you. Hire a lawyer he will guide you through the entire process of setting up a business all the paper work, accounts and other details. If you are in this business your working hours will be a bit odd. People will call you when they are free like on weekends, early morning or after the sun sets but while establishing your business don't say no to these odd times later you can hire people to work for you. Go to the market and check the cost of all latest equipment's buy them, also look into insurance policies just in case. Give as many services as you can leaf blowing, weeding, pesticide spray etc. Make customer base slowly and steadily.

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