Brokerage Insights: Why Networking Is Never Optional

People come to Forex seeking for financial freedom and a higher level of independence. However, none of them is comfortable about being left all alone with their trading plan.

Being the only one to bear the responsibility is exhausting; that’s why brokers should be around: supportive, recreational, and sensitive to traders’ needs. FBS broker figured out a special tool for that called Traders Party.

FBS Traders Parties (previously known as FBS Grand Events) were conceived as a periodical hangout for local FBS communities set up in a pursuit of a more connected, successful, and self-confident trading experience. Since FBS is presented by over 5 million clients in 120 countries, predictably there is a bunch of massive local communities – a powerful network of people inspired by the same values: financial freedom, passion for new information, and dreams of a better tomorrow. That’s what Traders Parties are held for.

The first-ever Grand Event took place back in 2016 in Thailand. By the end of 2017, six more Events were held in Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Throughout the year, the scale and fanciness of the events were escalating, although some things remained unchanged since the very beginning: each Event features local artists, fine dining, and exclusive prizes.

Pretty soon, it became clear that relaxed party-ish vibe is a great way to facilitate and extend the idea of a supportive and enthusiastic community striving for a higher income through Forex. One of the latest events held in Bali, Indonesia on August 24, 2017 was a great proof – guests had a great time partying with local celebs: Rio Febrian, Rossa, and Bunga Citra Lestari; having a luxurious dinner, and participating in the raffle drawing for a brand-new Mazda Hoki 2. Luxurious prizes are an integral part of FBS events by the way – each time the company raffles hi-tech gadgets and top vehicles, and award the winners of other FBS promos.

In 2017, when people from different countries can effortlessly get connected, keeping in touch with your crowd is absolutely crucial. Aside from the basic marketing goals, such kind of networking gives an immediate and straightforward feedback to broker’s work. Such Events are a great way to learn what a specific local community needs, and take an action before some other broker does that.

Long story short, local events allow the broker to show its face, become real and close, which is especially valuable when it comes to such a competitive niche as Forex trading. Winning a trader is just half a battle – the other half is providing top-notch services with which the trader wants to remain, and a high-quality event is doubtlessly a great investment.

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