Brits Splashed the Cash on their 2018 Getaways

  • Nation frivolous with their holiday spending in 2018
  • Only 11% of Brits were able to stick to a holiday budget!
  • 40% of Brits convert up to £500 of currency for a week away, 13% more than in 2017

With summer sadly coming to an end and the kids returning to school, Debenhams Personal Finance has conducted research* looking into the nation’s holiday spending habits highlighting key trends in recent years.

The survey has found that the nation splashed more cash on their summer getaways in 2018, with only 11% of Brits managing to stick to holiday budgets compared to a third of us in 2017.

The study has also revealed that nearly half of Brits converted more currency when travelling this year, with 40% of us converting up to £500 for a week away, compared to less than a third in 2017. This is due to nearly three quarters of us feeling that holidays abroad were more expensive this year.

Akhil Shah, spokesperson for Debenhams Personal Finance, said: “It can be really easy to go over your holiday budget when it comes to your summer holidays, so it is always advisable to plan ahead with regards to your travel currency and insurance. Take the time to research the best exchange rates on the market before your next holiday to ensure you are maximising the best deals. Don’t leave purchasing your travel money to the last minute as you won’t have the choice and are likely to be out of pocket!

“We have over 100 travel bureaus across our UK Debenhams stores where customers can benefit from competitive travel money rates and also host regular rate sales throughout peak travel periods, allowing customers to get more bang for their buck, helping to keep the overall cost of their holiday down as much as possible.”

When purchasing Debenhams Travel Money, customers will also be treated to a £5 voucher off any £20 to spend in store or online. All customers who return to store with spare spending money will receive an extra 20% when loading their leftover currency onto a Debenhams gift card.

Over recent months, Debenhams Personal Finance has launched seven new travel bureaus including Oldham, Southport and Westwood Cross, joining more than a hundred Debenhams bureaus across the country. Click and collect and home delivery options are also available, ensuring that you can purchase your travel money hassle free.

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*Based on a survey of 1,128 people conducted by Debenhams Personal Finance in June 2018.