• Almost half (47%) of all Brits have downloaded a fitness app
  • 17% of Brits need an app to remind them to drink water

New research has revealed that people in the UK depend on apps to help them accomplish their goals, as well as reminding them to complete some pretty obvious daily activities.

The survey, conducted by mobile phone insurance provider Insurance2Go, revealed which apps are most commonly downloaded by Brits, how much we’re spending on them and most importantly, if they actually work.

The top 5 apps Brits download to help achieve a goal are:

  1. Keeping Fit (47%)
  2. Weight Loss (35%)
  3. Eating more healthily (34%)
  4. Time Management (17%)
  5. Drinking more water (17%)

Although it’s a basic human instinct, 17% of those surveyed said they have downloaded an app to help them drink more water. That’s more than those who’ve owned an app in order to help them kick a smoking habit (16%).

Over half (59%) of the UK purchase goal orientated apps and in total have spent up to £30 on them and despite the fact that a third (33%) of Brits have used these apps less than 10 times, the majority (68%) believe that they’ve helped them reach their target.

Trends in downloading health and fitness apps can fluctuate, for example, the time of year is an influential factor. This was something that Innovative fitness app TruBe, found to be true after seeing the number of people downloading their fitness app in January 2016 had dropped by over a third (34%) by February, and a further 10% in April.

Daria Kantor, Founder and Director of TruBe said: “Many of us start January with the ‘new year, new me’ mindset. The problem isn’t setting New Year’s resolutions but sticking to them. Rather than setting ourselves up for failure with overly ambitious or restrictive resolutions, we should build small changes into our lifestyle instead.”

Duncan Spencer, Managing Director of Insurance2Go said: “I’d be lost without my apps and by the looks of it, most people would agree! Sure, they can’t physically get me to the gym, but after the small positive changes I’ve made by using them, I wouldn’t go without! Although not all apps are free these days, it’s a small price to pay for a little personalised tool that works for us so well.”

Insurance2Go have looked into Apple’s recent app price increase to help those who’re thinking of investing in a useful app, read the latest blog post here:

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