Blue Global Media is a leading online financial search platform based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over ten years of industry experience, the company is dedicated to driving exceptional results and maintaining innovation within the industry. The executive team is dedicated to consistently improving the company culture and recently announced a new program offered by Refound, a company focused on supporting leaders and employees in both personal and professional growth.

Blue Global’s president, Abdu El-Shaaraway explains, “At Blue Global we constantly strive towards improvement. This driving force encompasses all aspects of our organization, including those areas often overlooked, such as self-improvement. In order to help our employees achieve their personal and professional goals, we have begun offering mentoring through This program is pivotal in creating an open atmosphere that supports employees and provides an avenue of feedback for all levels of the company.”

Jonathan Raymond founded Refound with his business partner Josef Shapiro. As CEO of a global coaching brand for many years, Jonathan saw an opportunity to help others with culture change and brand transformation. Josef Shapiro’s extensive background in helping CEO’s and company founders to develop the personal skills needed to make these changes provides the perfect combination for this type of program.

“Being a manager in the modern world is high-art. For leaders that embrace the challenge the way the team at Blue Global is—figuring out how to create a truly human place to work—is nothing short of changing the world,” says Raymond.

Refound was created to help CEO’s, executives, leaders and employees develop a company culture focused on individual’s personal accountability and personal mentoring role models. Refound Pro is a community dedicated to helping to change people’s behaviors and finding ways to bring all the voices in the company to the conversation. Blue Global executives and the team at Refound are dedicated to integrating all levels of the organization and providing the necessary essential skills.

“Business is always personal. When that’s truly embraced, everyone wins. Blue Global is creating a culture where employees can use their jobs to make their dreams come true, and we’re honored to help make that a reality,” says Shapiro.