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Blockchain Technology: Disrupting the Way Investors Buy, Sell Physical Gold

Blockchain Technology: Disrupting the Way Investors Buy, Sell Physical Gold

Market revolutionaries Kitco Metals Inc. are once again changing the pace and pulse of the gold market by offering digital gold on Tradewind’s secure electronic platform, VaultChain™, giving investors of all levels the opportunity to diversify their portfolio.

VaultChain™ Gold is a digital platform that creates a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy, hold and trade gold.

Working with Tradewind, the platform developers, this new marketplace directly links investors to precious-metals producers and reputable bullion dealers to safely buy and sell any quantity of physical gold using blockchain technology.

“VaultChain™ Gold is the next step in the market’s evolution,” said Bart Kitner, president of Kitco Metals. “This new digital platform completely democratizes the gold market as investors worldwide can buy gold to fit their investment needs and goals as part of a diversified portfolio with no minimum purchase required. Kitco has always been a leader within the bullion gold market and this new disruptive technology is a perfect fit with our mission of making it easier for people to buy and sell precious metals.”

Matthew Trudeau, president, and co-founder of Tradewind, said, “We are pleased to welcome Kitco to our platform that we believe is revolutionizing the trading, settlement, and ownership of physical gold, while attracting new investors to this valuable asset class. Tradewind’s unique platform combines world-class exchange technology with VaultChain™, providing investors a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy, own and trade physical gold.”

All trades settled on the VaultChain™ digital platform are backed by physical gold stored in the Royal Canadian Mint’s world-class vaults. The trades are recorded using a blockchain-based ledger that ensures data accuracy, real-time tracking, and transparent auditability.

Investors on the digital platform have 100% title over their gold holdings at all times and can request physical delivery at any time. In addition to accepting payment in common currencies, Kitco Metals makes it easy for investors to purchase VaultChain™ Gold with Bitcoin, and transfer their bullion coins and bars or any gold item to the digital platform.

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