Blackmoon’s Xiaomi IPO token book sold out

Opportunity to participate in performance of Xiaomi IPO not overlooked by blockchain investors

The Xiaomi IPO token book has sold out. “We have made it happen. The opportunity to participate in the performance of Xiaomi shares has not been overlooked by blockchain investors,” stated Oleg Seydak, founder and CEO of Blackmoon. “To have achieved this is great news not just for the company but for the industry as a whole because it shows that with every day, more and more blockchain investors begin to realize that their investment opportunities are not limited to the crypto universe.”

This news comes after a recent spark in the media, following an interview Blackmoon COO Sergey Vasin gave to the South China Morning Post. A number of media outlets re-published the news, adding their own spin to and misrepresenting the facts. For instance, some reported that that token sale went “against approval” of Xiaomi, while others went as far as stating that Blackmoon was regulated by the FCA.

In response to the media’s questions, Vasin stated: “According to the original article published in the South China Morning Post, the Xiaomi spokesperson simply said that Xiaomi and Blackmoon are not affiliated companies. Blackmoon has never made any claims to the contrary.”

Blackmoon is the first company in history to issue a token related to an IPO in this way, and allows cryptocurrency investors to access the Xiaomi Corporation IPO.

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