Behind the scenes of FBS Broker Customer Support: “Are you a real person or a robot?”

Have you ever thought how Broker Company communicates with the clients? Learn the exciting details of customer support weekdays on the example of FBS Company.

One of the preconditions to brokerage company’s progress and success is respectful and stable communication with its clients. Obviously, keeping in touch with a broker 24/7 provides a higher level of trust. Indeed, technical support is a human face of a broker. Any successful trader needs a friendly assistance which helps impart knowledge to forex trading process and doesn’t let them keep their thoughts and expectations in a helter-skelter manner. There is a big work behind trader’s back which is called Technical Support, and this team is always by client’s side.

Inside FBS Customer Support

What is really hidden in a chat box on FBS website? FBS technical support consists of people familiar with Forex market, web development, and computer science. With these skills and competence, FBS support team can troubleshoot any problems that clients can meet while trading.

Being an agent of Technical Support means having such qualities as empathy, attentiveness, keen eye, and reflexes. FBS support agent needs to be ready to take care of clients from all over the world as fast as possible. So, the average supporter’s answer speed is not more than 2 minutes. He needs to track every tiny detail of client’s question in a short time. Usually, typical supporter starts the day with a cup of coffee and reading market and company news for being ready to answer any question.

The Tricks Of Being Multinational

FBS Support consists of, saying simply, about 70 competent agents and speaking 14 languages. They serve a total of 4300-4700 chats per business day and about 3500 per weekend. Also, agents are regarding difficult questions via e-mail: they receive about 500 e-mails per day. English, Arabic, Spanish and Indonesian agents make about 40 call-backs per day. Different countries have their own preferable ways of communication, so FBS customer support always follows the trends. For example, Chinese clients are able to connect via WeChat and QQ.

People Behind The Chat Box

Support agents are working from all over the world – Brazil, Russia, Cuba, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan. Some of them work in the main office, others work remotely. Unsurprisingly, this bright international team consists of talents: from cello playing girl to air traffic controlling student. To tell the truth, the definition of the word “support” became something bigger than just a job position for FBS employees. It’s the way of thinking. Most of them became friends outside the office.

Questions: The Fun Part

Usually, one client asks 1-3 questions in the chat. The most popular question (not included in the FAQ list though) is “Are you a real person or a robot?”. It doesn’t surprise because of the popularity of the neural networks. The second place belongs to a simple question: “What is it?”. This question is like a blind date for both sides – clients and broker need to know each other for a win-win collaboration and increasing profitability of their trading. Technical support also often checks withdrawals and deposits, HTML errors, and device versions compatibility in real-time. The shortest chat conversations are initiated by Burmese clients, the longest chats are from Brazil. Most Iranian traders are interested in strategies and their differences, and a lot of African clients are engrossed in partnership. Surely, not all these questions are on economic topics or website work. Some of the questions could be a sitcom synopsis. Sometimes agents are appealed to take part in a Talent Show in South Africa or invited to Shaman’s rituals in Peru.

Predictably, FBS support team unites different people with sometimes contrasting backgrounds. Let such an international team understand company and their personal goals, make their communication open, honest, respectful, create a strong sense of belonging to the group, and get a short list of FBS support team leader.

Undoubtedly, they do it perfectly. Consequently, clients contacting Customer Support feel as if they were heard out and listened to by the team agents who are attempting to understand them. So, this human attitude allows to note FBS support as one of the best. Choosing FBS as a broker guarantees that a trader will always be treated with care with all his requests and questions answered.

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