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Barrett Financial Offering Owner Occupied Loan Options to Home Owners in Arizona

Barrett Financial Offering Owner Occupied Loan Options to Home Owners in Arizona

Barrett Financial Group is now offering financial programs where owner occupied homes may be eligible to be used as the securing collateral for a hard money loan.

With their broad offering of loan programs, Barrett Financial Group can lend to those who may not qualify for a conventional loan for various reasons, such as bad credit or the need to prove income by alternative methods. Qualifying is easier for this type of loan than going through a bank, so it is a great alternative for individuals who may have issues with traditional financing.

Loans for owner occupied residences typically require two months of principal, interest, taxes, and insurance in reserves, but may ask for up to six months. In some cases, you might not need any though. The term owner occupied refers to a primary residence or main residence, which is where an individual lives the majority of the time. A person can only have one primary residence at any given time, though they may share the residence with other people.

Barrett Financial Group are private funders experienced in all aspects of real estate lending, ranging from refinancing and hard money loans to bridge loans and owner occupied loans. You as the customer will be quickly and efficiently provided with the financing you need from safe and trustworthy lenders. Barrett Financial Group’s goal is and always has been to help people thrive with their real estate projects.  Barrett Financial Group has several extremely reputable investment partners but is always willing to open the door to more.

Potential to receive hard money loans in Arizona falls back on certain criteria including but not limited to credit history, insurability and/or ability to provide property collateral.  Barrett Financial Group has been built on the foundation and mindset that just because an individual may have a poor credit score does not mean that they should be incapable of receiving lending or financing for any and all real estate or business purposes. All specialists employed with Barrett Financial Group are proficient in carrying this mentality out, in fast and efficient ways, and provide customers with a plethora of knowledge on the above-mentioned loan programs.

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