France’s fourth largest banking network to use DIGIPASS 875 to protect in-branch transactions for banking customers

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VDSI), a global leader in authentication, digital signatures, and identity management, announced today that Informatique Banque Populaire (i-BP) will use VASCO card readers with Bluetooth Smart-enabled connectivity to enhance security and the customer experience for in-branch transactions.

DIGIPASS 875 is a Bluetooth® Smart-enabled card reader that enhances protection for any mobile transaction, including mobile banking, while delivering a transparent experience for users via instant Bluetooth connectivity from almost any device. i-BP, the banking engineering subsidiary of BanquePopulaire, has implemented VASCO’stwo-factor authentication solution with DIGIPASS 875. The technology is compatible with different environments and can be used through Bluetooth as well as via USB cable.

Banque Populaire (part of BPCE Group, the second largest banking group in France)engaged in a strategy of document dematerialization and “zero paper” in its agencies. The company is particularly attentive to the client experience with a focusonconvenience, innovation and security. Banque Populaire’s clients have benefited from digitalized processes for a large part of their daily operations and for interactions with bank counselors.

When a Banque Populaire client meets a counselor, they insert their bank card into a DIGIPASS 875 card reader connected to the bank counselor’s tablet and verify their identity by providing their PIN on the tablet. When needed, the client can conduct an electronic signature very easily.

“We want to offer a new experience to our customers, easy and innovative, by enhancing the availability of our in-branch counselors,”stated Bertrand Le Vavasseur, Director Project Management Channel at i-BP. “In order to protect the existing workflow, the authentication solution acts as the secure interface between the client’s card and the counselor’s tablet.”

“We are very pleased that Banque Populaireis extending their trust in VASCO by selecting our Bluetooth solution for theirbranches in France,” stated Jan Valcke, President and COO of VASCOData Security. “This project demonstrates again our abilityto deliver innovative solutions that satisfy the evolving security and business needs of our banking clients in the digital age.

More information and a demo video can be found here.