BANCO BNI EUROPA grows significantly in 2017 and attracts equity investor

2017 was once again characterized by the significant growth of Banco BNI Europa’s activity, increasing 41% in assets (from € 362M in 2016 to € 509M in 2017), 16% in customer deposits (from € 262M in 2016 to € 305M in 2017) and 379% in banking income (€ 2,8M in 2016 to € 13,2M in 2017).

Net income reached € 2.3M, increasing regulatory capital to € 23.3M and the solvency ratio comfortably above the statutory limit at 13%.

During 2017 Banco BNI Europa strengthened its digital banking business and launched, under the Puzzle brand the first fully digital credit platform operating in Portugal, consolidated and extended Fintech’s partnerships and developed products and services, which in the course of 2018 will introduce more innovation in the Portuguese market, allowing the Bank to focus on segments that are not being explored by other financial institutions.

The business strategy followed, and the growth achieved, allowed Banco BNI Europa to attract the interest of several potential equity investors, and Banco de Negócios Internacional, SA, its major shareholder, entered into an agreement with a foreign investor for the sale of a controlling stake in Banco BNI Europa and subsequent capital increase.

The completion of the transaction is still being subject to the verification of the usual conditions in this type of transaction, including the respective approval by the regulator.

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