Financial wellbeing company, Balmoral Financial has launched a brand new re-design of its website in order to create a more user-friendly experience for its customers. The new corporate facing website, which is in line with the firm’s brand refresh, has been designed to better showcase the firm’s range of financial wellbeing services.

Balmoral Financial provides businesses in the UK with the means to help their employees gain access to affordable financial solutions as part of an overall company benefits strategy. Working with employers, Balmoral Financial can offer a number of financial solutions to individual staff members including an online planning tool, and a number of products which will help employees improve their financial position. Balmoral Financial can reduce an individual’s interest payments on high cost credit by consolidating loans at cheaper, sensible rates of interest or can encourage regular savings to be made. Payments into savings accounts or repayments of lending products are made directly from an employee’s salary or pay packet, thereby removing the stress of remembering to make a financial transfer each month. The firm helps employers provide staff with a clear path to ensure employee financial wellbeing, which ultimately contributes to their overall physical and emotional wellbeing both at work and in their personal life. There is also no risk or cost to the employer, who has no liability for their employees’ engagement with Balmoral Financial.

The website and recent brand refresh both serve to highlight Balmoral Financial’s belief in the link between financial wellbeing and productivity within the workforce. It explains how businesses can increase loyalty with their employees and improve staff retention with a strong and diverse benefits package.

Karim Peer, CEO at Balmoral Financial comments, “The new re-design of the website comes at a very exciting time for us as the company is expanding quickly and developing some great new products and services. Balmoral Financial believes that true wellbeing recognises a link between health and wealth and we want to exemplify this through our new website and products.”

The new website launch and brand re-fresh come at a critical time for Balmoral Financial, following a series of new hires and a 55% growth rate since February 2015. Focus has been on expanding the Customer Services team, to support the firm’s financial wellbeing programme, and the Data Analysis team to better understand the opening and savings habits of customers. This will lead to the development of a more tailored product offering for customers.