B2B Marketing Technology Specialists Concep Launches New Event Check-In Tool for LexisNexis InterAction CRM

Professional Services firms rely on live events to build strong relationships and drive differentiation. For many event managers registration on the day of the event is one of their biggest pain points. Launching this June, professional services marketers and events managers who use InterAction have a new tool that will radically simplify onsite event registration and cut down on the time spent on manual data entry post event.

B2B Marketing Technology firm Concept specialises in developing and integrating software that gives professional services marketers added functionality to their CRM that is simple to use, efficient and effortless.

Using a smartphone or any mobile device, event managers can now go paperless and access their event attendee list via an easy-to-connect web-based app that synchronises with LexisNexis InterAction CRM in real-time.

One advantage to using every-day technology is that several members of the team can access the app simultaneously which helps speed up the registration process. It also allows the hosting Partner, of a legal firm for example, or other members of the events team, know exactly who has arrived at the event and what percentage of attendees have arrived.

However, the main advantage of the Check-In app is its integration with InterAction. As event attendees are checked in on the app, their attendance is immediately recorded on the CRM. Walk-ins who register for the event on site will also be added automatically to the CRM. This removes the need to manually add contacts to the CRM after the event – saving time and effort.

The initial response from event managers who have trialled the app is that Check-In for InterAction looks more professional, simplifies the onsite registration process and cuts out the need for manual data entry post event.

Director of Product, Mauricio Alves says:

“We know that many InterAction clients implement event strategies and manage a huge number of events each year. We looked at where they were spending their time and what the biggest pain points were and realised that if we could simplify the onsite registration process and integrate the data directly into InterAction it would free up time and resources as well as enhancing the overall event experience.”

As of today, Concep is offering InterAction users the chance to explore the app and experience the tool and user interface before they buy. Event Check-In for InterAction tool will be available to implement early July 2018. For more information visit Concep.com

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