Austin AI EdTech Start-up Raises Capital Via Women-Focused Crowdfunding

AUSTIN, Texas- Women-owned, Austin-based AI EdTech start-up OneSeventeen Media today announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen, a platform “for women-led startups and small businesses.” On the leading edge of artificial intelligence and social and emotional learning (SEL), OneSeventeen Media’s products, ThinkingApp™ and reThinkIt!™, deliver mental health and behavior management tools for K12 students with the goal of improving school safety.

Faced with an urgent need to prevent school shootings, along with the challenges women have in accessing capital, cofounders Beth Carls and Amy Looper are seeking funding “from investors who appreciate that women have game-changing ideas.” With an initial goal of $100,000, over 70% of the funds raised will be invested in artificial intelligence, data analytics and content development.

Whereas many school safety solutions are reactive, ThinkingApp and reThinkIt! are based on trauma-informed, restorative, social and emotional learning (SEL) principles to provide real-time “emotional digital triage”™ for students before they escalate damaging behaviors. These tools provide safer learning environments for students. Meeting students in their tech-based comfort zone, ThinkingApp and reThinkIt! employ intelligent machine learning technology to tailor advice to specific children’s needs. The platforms assess emotional and mental states, enabling students to process difficult emotions, understand their behaviors, and navigate those of others. Meanwhile administrators receive five times more in-depth, real-time insight into children’s behaviors, according to the Company’s third-party study.

Backed by seven years of evidence-based research, components of the new mobile-based technology resulted in “statistically significant reductions in students’ emotional distress.” Those same components even helped one Texas school avert a potential shooting due to real-time, actionable insights provided to educators about a troubled student, a nod to the study’s observation that students share five times more information via the apps than they do in face-to-face interactions with adults. Additional data showed a 50% reduction for in-school-suspensions, all data that make OneSeventeen’s work crucial to today’s urgent need for improved school safety.

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OneSeventeen Media – The first certified Texas B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), OneSeventeen Media mobile tools help students figure out life and the people around them. reThinkIt! puts advice at 3rd-12th graders’ fingertips anytime, anywhere. It is part live texting with an on-demand virtual mentor/counselor and part AI that tailors real-time advice to a child’s specific needs helping them make wiser decisions. ThinkingApp serves PreK-2nd graders and is smartly disguised as a series of engaging, interactive, AI-curated eBook stories meant to transform this age group’s misbehaviors. In English and Spanish, both apps help students explore feelings, self-regulation, manners, problem-solving and success tools to help improve school climate, school safety and discipline management. One of the nation’s pioneers in AIEd and SEL solutions for K12 students, OneSeventeen Media is a certified Historically Underutilized Business and Women Business Enterprise.