APEX AT80 – World’s Most Versatile Mobile Device

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2018 — An exceptionally versatile mobile device is now available from AMREL, the world’s premier rugged computer manufacturer. Infinitely customizable, this rugged, lightweight 8” Android tablet enables anyone to economically create highly specific detailed configurations.

The versatile AT80 can be used as a mobile tablet, an onboard vehicle terminal, a wall- or equipment-mounted smart control, or as integrated solution. Ideal for manufacturing plants, industrial settings, field operations, or any enterprise operating in a harsh environment, AT80 is adaptable to your application. 

AT80’s unique channel design allows quick integration of other modules or devices without full development costs. Solution partners and system integrators can produce proprietary solutions on AT80’s proven rugged platform while enjoying the financial benefits of COTS.

“AT80 can be used as a Build-Your-Own solution,” explains Kalvin Chen, VP of Operations. “Due to its extraordinary lightweight and rugged design, AT80 is also valued as an off-the-shelf COTS product.”

Successful AT80 solutions include:


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  • Custom display unit on military ground vehicles
  • Mobile biometric devices with fingerprint scanners (single/ dual prints)
  • Wall-mounted virtual doorman service
  • Sports stadium security
  • Military connectors

“Solution providers and Integrators don’t have to invest 12 to 18 months building a product from scratch,” declares Mr. Chen. “The AT80’s versatility enables customers to dispense development costs and easily build a solution for delivery to the end-user.”

AT80 is rugged, as are all AMREL products.  Weighing 1.65 pounds and less than 1” thick, AT80 is certified for both MIL-STD 810G and IP67.  Based on an aeronautical design, its single billet, one-piece aluminum chassis can withstand extreme environmental conditions including heat, cold, humid, water, dust, vibration, and drop.

Available in 10 different colors, the AT80 can be customized with corporate logos.

For more information, visit http://AT80.amrel.com/.


For over 30 years, AMREL has supplied fully rugged COTS and customized solutions to Defense contractors, Government agencies, Law Enforcement, and Industrial markets. Our product offerings include rugged mobile biometric devices, tablets, handhelds, displays, and vehicle terminal computers. Thousands of units have been deployed across the world in harsh environments.  We specialize in modifying our standard platforms to meet your requirements by rapid prototyping and delivering high quality solutions. To find the next platform for your project, visit www.amrel.com.

CONTACT: William Finn [email protected] +1.626.482.1862

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