Announcing IQ Token: Bringing Blockchain-Powered, On-Demand Premium Internet Access to Everyone

IQ Token is excited to announce that it is developing a platform that will provide consumers and businesses with on-demand access to premium internet lines, regardless of who their existing provider is, facilitated by blockchain technology.

This service is designed to ensure optimal, uninterrupted internet performance for intensive and/or business-critical applications during periods of high latency.

The IQ Token platform intelligently analyzes traffic and latency patterns to channel user activity to one of many Internet Service Providers with appropriate capacity. Users will be able to procure access to the IQ Token service for a little or as long as they need, using tokens.

The platform will utilize blockchain technology to facilitate payment to the various ISPs and process all transactions in real time; it will also securely store all data in smart contracts.

“The inspiration came from the business community, which has lost notable sums of revenue when video conferences have failed or internet applications have lagged. Yet, we saw the benefit for consumers as well, considering the frustration that many people have felt when video games time out or videos buffer endlessly,” said IQ Token CEO and co-founder Heng Him. “Soon, those slowdowns and timeouts will be a thing of the past.”

Founded by a diverse group of crypto enthusiasts and telecom and IT industry veterans, IQ Token has been designed to create an optimal experience for any user. IQ Token does not favor any website or other platform over another and is Internet Service Provider agnostic — this enables anyone, anywhere to enjoy optimized internet access regardless of how and where they choose to consume content or services. These benefits are made possible without affecting the internet service of those who choose to not use IQ Token’s optimization offering.

Additional benefits to consumers and ISPs include:

Less congestion: Separates bandwidth-intensive activities from regular web surfing
Fair fees: Access will cost only pennies per hour, and crypto tokens enable fractional charges not possible with fiat currency
Improved revenues: ISPs will be able to charge users for the premium service they want
“We strongly believe that blockchain technology will be the next evolution in the telecom industry,” Him added. “And we look forward to bringing this groundbreaking service to market in the near-future.”

Plans are currently underway to launch an overseas pilot program, and details surrounding that will be shared soon.

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