Announcing AddPaymentsNow for Home Service Software – Simple, Risk-free Payment Facilitation for Home Service Software Companies

Home service software companies can now take advantage of a new, profitable, low-risk SaaS feature which promises to increase profits while increasing client retention: no-risk payment facilitation, or PayFac for short.

Software companies that offer specialized software ranging from lawn care or housekeeping, to pest control and home repair make up a thriving niche in the SaaS world. Giving clients the ability, through the software platform they already use, to accept credit card payments has the added benefit of setting SaaS companies apart from their competitors.

According to Alex Roy, of AddPaymentsNow, their new AddPaymentsNow for Home Service Software program “allows home service software companies to instantly set up their clients with the ability to accept credit cards directly through their software, while profiting from each transaction.”

In addition to there being no cost to the software provider, there is also “a huge opportunity for the software company. Clients who accept payments through a software program are more likely to continue using that SaaS,” according to Alex.

AddPaymentsNow has worked closely with software companies and payment providers to make this program work seamlessly for all ISVs, not just large established entities with huge budgets. The PayFac works via simple tested API’s and offers out of the box functionality in addition to white label options.

Another focus of AddPaymentsNow for Home Service Software is to provide a payment facilitation placement service that can not only be set up quickly, but also can generate additional income and client retention for software companies looking to add an accept payments feature to their SaaS. This is done without the independent software vendor, or ISV, having to share in the potential liability of unpaid refunds, or merchant losses.

Previously, the choice of “sub-merchant” integrations for software vendors was limited to either setting up more cumbersome individual merchant accounts or expensive, complicated, and potentially risky payment facilitation services. Now, home service businesses that cater to lawn care, home repair, pest control or other fee-based services can allow their home service clients to not only track and schedule appointments, but also to accept payments without complexity or large liabilities.

Even though the set-up and integration are easy, AddPaymentsNow’s solutions provide full customer support with configuration, account management, fraud prevention, and chargeback mitigation consulting.

Payment facilitation is rapidly becoming an essential service that software companies need to offer. According to Alex Roy, “SaaS companies that do not offer the ability for their clients to get paid right through their home service software run the real risk of losing clients to providers that do.”

More and more, according to the company, businesses that use home service software are demanding an all in one, streamlined solution that allows them to book appointments, send invoices and get paid easily. AddPaymentsNow for Home Service Software caters specifically to that need.

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