Ancora Partners With Vapour Organic Beauty

Ancora completes its second growth acquisition in the clean beauty category

Ancora Investment Holdings, a new generation of investor redefining the growth model for nascent brands, announced today that it has invested in natural luxury cosmetics brand, Vapour Organic Beauty.

Ancora was founded through a partnership between leading beauty industry veterans, Lori Perella Krebs and Nicky Kinnaird, and consumer private equity firm, Winona Capital. The partnership offers a unique mix of brand building, financial acumen and operational expertise combined with entrepreneurial passion, creator appreciation and love of innovation.

Ancora offers a unique platform to partner with global health, beauty and wellness brands that have an authentic voice and raison d’ĂȘtre. Through its unique business model, Ancora nurtures early stage brands by providing operational and strategic guidance fueled by capital to empower founders and entrepreneurs to exceed their dreams.

Vapour marks Ancora’s second investment in clean beauty, solidifying Ancora’s strong commitment to the category. “We are committed to supporting creators of truly authentic, difference-making ideas and brands in the health, beauty and wellness realms. We are in this to break new ground and change the game” said Lori Perella Krebs and Nicky Kinnaird, founding partners of Ancora Investment Holdings. “Ancora is excited to work with brands that are championing the shift in the industry. Brands like Vapour that have the potential to be a truly authentic, authoritative voice in the clean color cosmetics arena.”

Founded by category pioneers, Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley, Vapour is a luxury natural color cosmetics brand that prioritizes personal and planetary health. Firmly committed to sophisticated performance, clean ingredients, integrity, transparency and sustainability, Vapour’s mission is to elevate inclusive organic beauty across the spectrums of age, race and gender.

“Partnering with Ancora is a dream come true. Our creative bond is powerful, and we are well matched with a mutual passion for excellence” said Vapour co-founder Kristine Keheley. “With Ancora we have chosen true partners who are as committed to the Vapour brand vision as we are. We’re elated to have the opportunity to evolve and expand Vapour with these amazing women” added co-founder KrysiaBoinis.

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