A Product of Bao Viet Life

 Bao Viet Life is proud of being one of the first life insurance companies to provide customers with UVL products. Thanks to attractive and flexible benefits, Bao Viet Life’s products have quickly attracted customers and always stands at the top of UVL products market. Launched in 2009, An phát trọn đời is the flagship UVL product of Bao Viet Life.

According to business results in 2015, new market revenue of Bao Viet Life’s UVL product was USD72 million, accounting for 61.7% of the total. An phát trọn đời alone generated a revenue of USD 36million, which is equivalent with 31.4% of the total new business market. As such, An phát trọn đời reaffirmed its outstanding position among Bao Viet life’s product portfolio.


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On 6 November 2015, An Phát Trọn Đời was honored to receive the award of “Vietnam’s Trust& Use 2015”(Tin&Dùng Việt Nam 2015) by The Economic Journal– one of the most prestigious journals in Vietnam. The award is to honor companies with product’s service and quality being highly appreciated by customers. The awardTrust& Use Viet Nam 2015”has selected only 100 product brands out of thousands nominated products.


An Phát Trọn Đời provides a comprehensive financial solution for customers with 3 objectives: “Insurance”, “Savings” and “Investment”. With the premium payment period of only 10 years, customers will be protected for the whole life, and enjoying the investment results of UVL Fund, which is professionally managed by Bao Viet Fund Corporation.

Transcendent insurance

Customers buying the product shall enjoy the comprehensive benefits include death, total permanent disability and critical illness benefit. The term of policy could be 10 years, 15 years or 20 years. Customers shall be protected with the amount of up to 40 times of the annual premium.

Optimal saving

With flexible maturity, customers could choose various time of receiving payment in order to achieve saving target for important decisions. In addition, this product also provides optimal choices, such as: automatic increasing sum assured of 5% p.a to cover inflation. Furthermore, loyalty bonus shall also be credited to the policy account value at the 10-year- anniversary date and every 5 years later.

Efficient investment

 “An phát trọn đời” provides customers with a competitive interest rate. Over the past years, the interest rate declared by BaoViet Life Corporation is not only always higher than the guaranteed interest rate but also being one of the highest one in the market thanks to the professional fund management by Bao Viet Fund Corporation– a 20-year professional investment company. Guaranteed interest rate is 5% per year in the first policy year, 4% per year for the next 8 policy years and 3% per year for the remaining life of policy. However, the declared interest rate was 9.5% in 2013, 8.5%in 2014 and 7%in 2015.

Besides, this is an extremely flexible product, which provides customers with a number of financial solutions appropriated with their conditions and demands such as:

  • Flexibly increase or decrease the Sum assured in each life stage;
  • Flexible premium: customer can change the amount of premium, premium frequency, increase the premium to improve investment benefit, waiver premium but still be assured until the surrender value is insufficient to deduct fees and debts (if any);
  • Flexible withdrawal:advances payment and withdrawals from the policy account value to use for urgent financial


“An phát trọn đời”provides a comprehensive financial solution for the society with significant compensations for customers. Up to 31 December 2015, Bao Viet Life has protected for 279,300 policyholders, with the total sum assured of nearly USD2.9 billion. The benefit amount of USD6 million has been paid to 1,452 policies.

“An pháttrọnđời’’s 3 features of “Insurance”, “Savings” and “Investment”provided effective financial solution for the idle capital in society, making it as an efficient investment channel which not only brings profitability but also insurance for customers and their families.

“An phát trọn đời” with its salient features has successfully satisfied customer’s demand, improved the product quality, and contributed to the development of Vietnam life insurance market.

Overview of Bao Viet Life Corporation

Bao Viet Life Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of Baoviet Holdings – the leading Finance & Insurance Group in Vietnam. Having the first life insurance policy issued in 1996, Bao Viet Life Corporation is the pioneering life insurance company in Vietnam.

Over the past 20 years, Bao Viet Life has provided financial plan and protection for more than 5,000,000 customers with benefits of about USD1.35 billion paid out to the customers. Bao Viet Life always stands among the TOP life insurance corporation in term of market share thanks to its high and sustainable growth rate. As of the end of 2015, total premium revenue of Bao Viet Life was nearly USD450 million, accounted for 26.6% of total market share.

Bao Viet Life currently employs 1,700 staffs and nearly 100,000 agents throughout its networks of 65 branches and 300 transaction offices in 63 provinces. The diversified product portfolio with more than 50 products offers a great choice for Bao Viet Life’s customers.