Advisory Council Formed to Offer No-Cost Advice in Unclaimed Property

The formation of the Unclaimed Property Advisory Board, an independent panel of Unclaimed Property industry professionals, was announced today.

The Board, comprised of experienced professionals from a cross section of industries, has a stated goal to assist holders, owners and administrators of Unclaimed Property who may have concerns or questions, in an open, cost-free and friendly atmosphere.

The Board founding members are Joan DiBlasi of Aflac Inc., Monica Allman of Publix Supermarkets Inc., Kim Hanlon of Procter & Gamble, Melissa McCarthy of EQ, Jennifer Borden of Borden Consulting Group, Tracy Olsen of Conduent and Anthony Vitellozzi of Laurel Hill Advisory Group.

“Although there are several excellent industry groups who offer assistance and education in Unclaimed Property, membership is necessary and often isn’t in a company’s budget” says Vitellozzi of Laurel Hill. “The idea for this Advisory Board came from conversations with administrators who struggle with the ever-changing landscape of UP Compliance and often conflicting information. While we strongly urge folks to consider membership in an industry group and all the benefits that come with it, sometimes you just need a quick bit of advice. That’s the purpose of this panel”.
Future plans for the Advisory Board include a website to submit questions, blogs by the Board members, a newsletter, links to resources, industry groups and the like.

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