adi Telecom Rebrand to adi Digital as Digital Service Offering Evolves

To meet the growing demand for digital products and technologies, multi-disciplinary engineering firm, adi Group, has rebranded its telecoms company.

The rebrand from adi Telecom to adi Digital comes at a time of rapid growth for the business as it continues to add yet more capability to its digital technology services and add new clients to its portfolio.

A systems integrator, the erstwhile adi Telecom was set up in 2014 to provide voice, data and mobile telecommunications to customers worldwide.

Four years on and the Group felt the name needed to better reflect the broad scope of digital technologies the firm now specialises in.

Vic Brashko
Vic Brashko

Vic Brashko, adi Digital Managing Director, said of the project, “This rebrand has been six months in the making and has been implemented with immediate effect. The name Digital expands our scope and shows we can service our customers with a wider range of services.

Before now, customers may not have been fully aware of everything we can do for them, so we have high hopes that the rebrand will give our clients a greater insight into and a better understanding of the full range of digital services we provide.”

 So, what’s there to shout about with regard to the newly rebranded adi Digital?

Well, three key services were recently added to the adi Digital portfolio – out of home digital advertisingdigital signage and digital workforce solutions.

Digital signage is one of the new services that has really stirred interest, with the firm installing signage for a wide range of purposes, from employee and customer signage to large-scale advertising billboards. Such is the demand for the new offering, adi Digital has already signed contracts for several high-profile customers and is due to install its first digital signage project later this month.

These new services add to an expanding portfolio that includes cloud-hosted voices serviceshigh-speed data networks and mobile voice, data and text services that now integrate to create a holistic digital offering for clients.

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