Ad Agency Models are Breaking

Magnani, an experience design and strategy firm, is driving business results by elevating brand experiences and writing user stories that help clients move innovation from a concept to a plan.

Corporate marketing professionals find themselves with a dilemma. Most creative agencies don’t focus on their business goals. Most UX firms don’t understand the brand. Most consulting firms can’t offer great creative. Most digital agencies lack of understanding of the full customer journey (online and offline). And no one is helping them create a compelling story of their future. Make way for the experience design and strategy firm.

The 35-person firm developed a future-focused, narrative-based design thinking framework for elevating experiences and driving innovation. Today, Magnani’s unique offering brings together customer and market insights, product and service ideation, prototyping and development, customer experience design and more.

The new structure has appealed to the market. Magnani has brought on a number of new global clients such as Navistar, Fresenius Kabi and CableLabs. Magnani has also been recognized for these efforts numerous times in 2018, including Inc.’s Top Workplaces and’s Top UX/UI Designers (list below). And the firm was featured at events such as Design Thinking 2018 and R&D Innovation Summit 2018.

Bryan Sorensen, Digital Marketing Director, at Navistar says, “Most digital agencies that we have worked with haven’t connected the customer journey, with beautiful-forward thinking UX and flawless branding—all in a measurable way. Magnani does just that, far exceeding any expectation of partnership.”

When looking into the future, Magnani doesn’t have a Magic 8-Ball, but it does have a framework called Narrative Based Innovation that allows companies to plan for emerging market shifts and anticipate disruptive competitors to their markets, from the near-term to five to ten years out.

For clients like CableLabs, Magnani has used the framework to envision new network, security and entertainment business opportunities made possible by emerging technologies and impending generationally-driven psychographic and demographic shifts. In fact, Magnani’s market insights helped CableLabs uncover a potential $1 billion near-term market opportunity for its members.

“CableLabs is in the business of innovation, and through our work with Magnani we have defined and assessed the market potential for future end-user experiences that fundamentally drive our development process. From power users to untapped customer segments, we have been able to identify new and compelling offerings through a unique combination of end user analysis, strategic thinking and experience design,” says Anju Ahuja, who leads market development and product management for innovation and R&D at CableLabs.

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