Active OMG announces next generation AI website features for e-retailers

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Voice, live dynamic data and calendar features further improve conversational capabilities

Active OMG, the British company behind conversational self-learning AI, Ami, today announces three new product features: Ami Talks, Ami Appointments and Live Data Conversations.

The trio of features will make Ami’s conversational capabilities even more powerful for retailers and service providers and introduce a new level of care provided to customers.

Live Dynamic Data Conversations: Ami now has the unique capability of being able to read, understand and have conversations about constantly changing data that is hosted on a company website. This includes flight prices, stock availability and betting odds. This supply and demand dependent data can be accessed by Ami in real time, faster and more effectively than a human can search and communicate. This feature will allow companies to offer their customers the best possible deals and is intended to help companies sell more and provide better customer service.

Ami Talks: Until now, Ami has used text chat to interact with website visitors. Companies can now choose a voice that fits their brand to converse with customers and find any answer they are looking for that is contained within the website. This means customers can have conversations with their voice to make purchases or answer their questions about when their package will arrive (for example). Active OMG developed its own voice recognition software to sit within its AI architecture in order to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Louis Halpern, Chairman at Active OMG explains, “Conversation is the next user interface with the web. Pumping voice services out to vocalise the text on a website is a very linear experience. There is no understanding of what has been read. When we read we understand what we are reading. Likewise, when Ami reads she takes into account the meaning of what has been said. This allows a conversation where Ami and the customer can progress towards a goal, just as humans do when we talk to each other.

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Ami Appointments: Ami’s new appointment ability is available for individual consultants or at an enterprise level. Website visitors can have a conversation with Ami to make an appointment.  Ami will talk them through finding out the best time for the meeting. Ami can use her knowledge and understanding to direct the call to the appropriate expert. Ami can read the experts calendar and conversationally find an available time that suits the customer. Ami will also send the customer a calendar appointment email and text, according to customer wishes. For example they may have an enquiry that Ami is not able to answer from the available information on the website so she will ask if she can put the customer through to someone in the call centre. If it doesn’t suit them to speak to anyone at that time she will offer an appointment at a time to suit both the customer and call centre agent.

Louis Halpern says, “Ami Appointments ensures a company doesn’t lose a dialogue with a customer because of time limitations. It is about making the customer experience fluid and trouble free.”
Halpern adds, “Big brands can’t believe their eyes or ears when we set up a live demo in minutes that can talk for them and give customers the information they want without having to search for it. Immediately they see what this does to customer service in terms of putting power into the hands and mouths of their customers. Conversation is the human algorithm. Controlling computers through intelligent conversations though our voice is the next natural step.

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