The EU’s prestigious Finance Watch – Committee of Transparency and Independence (CTI) has appointed to its board Professor Robin Jarvis, ACCA’s (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) special adviser on small business issues and professor in accounting at Brunel University.

Finance Watch is an independent body which was set up in 2011 by 200 MEPs, that receives funding from the European Commission and is dedicated to making finance work for the good of society. Its main focus is on improving European financial regulation.

Professor Robin Jarvis
Professor Robin Jarvis

The CTI is effectively the governance committee consisting of three distinguished experts in finance and regulation. It is responsible for safeguarding the independence of Finance Watch’s advocacy and avoiding conflicts of interest concerning membership and funding. It must approve all applications for membership of Finance Watch, and all offers of funding above €10,000.

Professor Robin Jarvis said: “I am very pleased to be making a contribution to Finance Watch, working for a financial system that allocates capital to productive use through fair and open markets in a transparent and sustainable manner, without causing detriment to society at large.”  

This is not the first time Professor Robin Jarvis has achieved such a prestigious honour. In 2013, he was awarded the British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the advancement of the accounting and finance academic community.