A new home health test provider specialising in environmental pollutants and toxicity has been launched today.

Tests that accurately measure levels of over 300 potentially toxic substances commonly found in our everyday lives are now available to the public following the launch of Lastinghealth.

Lastinghealth has been established to enable concerned individuals to identify whether they may be carrying a toxic burden. Using home test kits and providing test results within a qualitative report Lastinghealth is designed to assist their clients in making the lifestyle changes that may help reduce the associated health risks.

lastinghealth-logoThe experts at Lastinghealth, suggest that the plethora of chemicals endemic in our everyday lives are likely to be contributing to a wide range of conditions from mild to the most acute, including some of the proven increase in cancer and other life debilitating conditions. There is scientific evidence to support this view, which has been endorsed by the Government’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, in her 2017 annual report.

According to The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, diseases caused by pollutants were responsible for an estimated 9 million deaths in 2015, some 16% of all deaths worldwide, as well as a massive three times more deaths than from AIDs, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

Lastinghealth helps identify those potentially harmful, environmental pollutants, which might increase an individual’s predisposition to adverse health outcomes.

After purchasing one of the tests online, hair and urine samples are provided by the client which are then sent to laboratories for testing. Following the testing and analysis of the results, the client will receive a bespoke report explaining their results.

Detailing their personal burden of chemicals, the report will also provide information on where these compounds are commonly found and lifestyle suggestions to minimise interaction with them.

Speaking of the launch, Managing Director of Lastinghealth.com Stephen de Looze said:

“There has been growing awareness amongst the general public and medical experts alike that there’s a large number of substances in our environment that are potentially damaging to our health. However, is can be difficult for people who are genuinely concerned to find trustworthy advice and information.

The recent media focus on plastics and atmospheric pollution shows us that we are becoming more aware of these negative influences, and what Lastinghealth provides is that next step in becoming more mindful.”

Available to order online, Lastinghealth offer three separate tests: toxic non-metal chemical, urinary organic acids and toxic and essential element hair test.

In addition to one-off testing, a monthly subscription club membership is to be developed by Lastinghealth and made available later this year, which will offer clients periodic re-testing as well as help with supplement and other lifestyle support.

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