A complete guide on getting help in Windows 10

As part of its Microsoft’s Windows NT family of operating systems, Windows 10 was launched after Windows 8.1. The up gradation of Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 is available for free but the switch might leave you with numerous questions considering the array of new features added to Windows 10. But you really don’t need to worry much. Microsoft is an exemplar of user-friendliness and has definitely developed different options to get help in Windows 10. Let me guide you through some of the procedures that will help you with solutions to your problems.

To guide you through all its unique features, Microsoft has developed a sophisticated method of user guidance, the shortcut key to which is F1, just like all other series of Windows operating system.  On pressing F1, you will automatically get redirected to the help section.

If you are not in a mood to use the traditional methods of getting help for Windows, why not ask Cortana. Cortana will be your best friend for all Windows 10 help needed once you download the latest operating system. This virtual assistant is a solution to everything in Windows 10, from a search guide to user guide. Just speak it out or type your questions, Cortana is a quick fix for all Windows 10 problems. The inbuilt responses to frequently asked questions will present you solution in no time.

And that’s not it. Microsoft has an entire chat-support team built in to assist you to seek help for Windows 10 online. The pre-installed contact support app in Windows 10 will help you easily get connected to the chat-support team. For easier navigation, the issues of help needed have been categorized in several sections which will save both your and support team’s time.

Still not content? Or do you prefer the old school telephonic conversation? Worry not. You can get help in Windows 10 by opting for a call-back from the team. Simply schedule a call-back at your convenient time from Contact Support app and avoid regular waiting time due to the long queue. All you need to do is just be prepared with your system open in front of you to get the problems solved smoothly.

In addition to all these, Windows 10 has some on the go help tips for you. To avail that, you just need to make some changes in your settings. Go to Settings > System > Notifications and Actions and switch on the Show me tips about Windows. Even the Get Started app has a lot of topics to help you with Windows 10.

For some advanced help, use Microsoft Answer Desk services, a live paid Tech Support site that enables you to chat with Microsoft support executives.  Quick Assist in Windows 10 is another remote Tech Support option for easy guidance. Microsoft even has a Support Official Twitter Account with the handle @MicrosoftHelps. This is where you can get connected not only to the Microsoft team but also to the fellow Windows 10 users who might be able to help you. Microsoft even has offline stores where the employees are always ready to help you with your problems. And last but not the least, you always have the email option if nothing else works. Sooner or later, depending on the rush, you will get a reply to your email and solution to your problems.

With its support for universal apps, Windows 10 has redefined personal computing. And with such helping hands it’s time for you to switch to Windows 10 fearlessly and explore the world of technical fantasy.

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