Can you imagine an office without Post-It Notes, biro pens, emails and computers? Or traveling for business without Wi-Fi, laptops, smartphones and GPS? What about running a business without credit card facilities or cash machines? This was the UK up to 9 decades ago.

There is no secret that technology has changed the finance and business sector as well as everyday life. Mobile phones have gone from mere telephone devices to being electronic personal assistants, while the internet has transformed the way we communicate and with who we do business. As Queen Elizabeth II closes her birthday celebrations with the Trooping the Colour ceremony this weekend, we look at just how technology has evolved during the lifetime of the monarch and how as well as major historical events, medical advancements and great technical innovations, Her Majesty has also witnessed how small inventions and innovations have change modern life forever. Central London Apartment’s infographic below lists light-hearted facts as well as major breakthroughs of the last 90 decades and some of them are quite surprising.

 queen 90 years

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