27th-29th November 2017

Operational risk is one of the biggest difficulties facing banks in recent years. The increasing diversity of risks, such as cyber risk and conduct risk, combined with further regulatory changes, such as the SMA and Mifid II, have resulted in a difficult environment with many institutions facing multiple fines from operational failures. In addition, the uncertainty over the future of SMA capital calculations for operational risk has left many institutions confused and unsure how to best prepare for this change. Institutions need to understand the latest threats and changes to operational risk to ensure they can limit future operational risk penalties.

This marcus evans conference will enable institutions to understand the latest challenges and best practices to manage the diverse area of operational risk. They will learn the latest threats in cyber risk and benchmark their strategies to best tackle and remain resilient to cyber attacks. They will hear about the current thoughts and the developments with the SMA and how to prepare to incorporate this. In addition, they will understand the concept of conduct risk, and how to best manage this to reduce reputational damage and prevent further regulatory fines. Finally, they will hear about the current risk environment and how to best manage operational risk environment to reduce costs and bring value to the business.

Expert Speaker Panel Include:

  • MarikeDokter, Head of Operational Risk Team Internal Audit, Barclays
  • Jens Falke, Managing Director, Head of Operational Risk and Internal Control System, Commerzbank
  • Ba Duong Anders Le, Head of Risk and Controls, Group IT, Danske Bank
  • Gilles Mawas, Head of Operational Risk and Permanent Control, BNP Paribas
  • Ben Jervis, Head of Business Risk and Controls, Credit Suisse
  • Svetlana Belyalova, Vice President, Head of Operational Risk, VTB Bank
  • Barry Pert, Head of Business Operational Risk, Santander
  • KatjaHeinzlmeier, Head of Operational Risk Management, Addiko Bank