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5 Tips For Digital Marketing Success

Developing Your Website Strategy

Digital Marketing Images is a powerful way to convey your message in front of your targeted audience. They can be used for websites, print ads, brochures, or even posters. There is no limit to the effect that your digital marketing images can have. They are very affordable and are usually simple to use. They make great business gifts as well. In fact, they can be one of the most powerful promotional tools available for businesses today.

As more businesses are discovering the incredible power of digital marketing images, they are actively seeking images that will help them enhance their branding, increase awareness, or increase sales. When using stock photos, it’s important to understand that there is a right and wrong way to use them. The following are some digital marketing tips to help you make the best decisions about your images:

Use Alt Tags. Alt tags are often overlooked digital marketing images that are incredibly powerful. You can utilize alt tags to place images in different places on your website, on your phone, or even in your email signature. Just like with text alt tags, it’s important to understand when and how to use them. For example, using an image source on your website should always be done with an alt tag, and not within the body of the text.

Do not Overuse Social Shares. Social shares such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all allow your customers and clients to share your content with their friends, co-workers, and loved ones. However, many companies choose to use social shares without ever giving any indication as to where the image came from. This is a mistake because although your followers may find the image source to be visually striking, this action will actually turn off your clients and customers because it will not give them the chance to learn anything about your brand.

Do not Trash Images. Many people make the mistake of loading an image without making it accessible to users. Often times, a user will load your image, only to see blank or white spaces around it. Or perhaps they arrive at your website only to be greeted by a blank box or message saying “loading” or “visit our site”. This makes users not want to click any further. If you do not want your images to appear like this, you need to make sure to load your images with alt or html tags.

Do not Rely on Stock Photos. Stock photos are excellent for marketing images, but only if you use them with care. Because they are images, they can sometimes have issues with resolution, compression, and other quality concerns. Although they are often free, you risk losing customers by not taking the time to make sure that your images are best suited for web and marketing success.

Do not Use Social Media Images. A lot of businesses think that social media images are a great way to promote their products. However, this strategy usually turns users off, simply because they feel as though you are trying to sell them something through your images. You can help to keep this mentality by avoiding the issue of selling and instead focusing on providing useful content. Creating engaging content can help to gain more viewers in your website and on social media sites, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

Do Not Try to Be Like Infographics. A lot of digital marketers believe that if they can just take one idea and duplicate it, then they will be able to create a viral sensation for their product. In reality though, many people who like infographics and other kinds of visual information are also incredibly finicky. If you try to market your business using exactly these kinds of strategies, chances are you will alienate your target audience. Rather than create images that look like ads, consider creating ones that encourage discussion or simply make an interesting observation about pinterest. Doing so will not only ensure your marketing success, but it may actually entice a large number of users to comment or share your images.

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