5 Things to Look for When Studying a Stock’s Dividend History

Things that one should keep in mind while studying the history of stock dividend are:

Corporate Dividend History

Don’t just trust what you have heard about the dividend growth of a company, make sure that you check it by yourself whether they have maintained the good record or not.

You can check the history of firm’s dividend online. Go to the company website’s area of investor relations, you can also google the company name by adding the phrase to it ‘dividend history’, in order to know the history online. Keep close eye on the fact that how seriously the dividend growth is taken by the company. Check for how long company is paying the dividend and what is the annual rise in dividends in past few years. Also check what is the consistency in dividend increase of the company. Check the annualized numbers of 10 or 5 years to know the decline and rise in the dividend growth.


It will help you to track down the stocks followed by you. if dividend is selected by you from the drop-down menu named as view, you will be able to see the total returns and growth rates for the past five years to one year along with the pay-out ratios of the dividend.

Annual reports

Once the backward looking of the annual reports is done by going through the dividend histories that are online. In case you want to know what company’s intention for the future dividends then check their latest annual report. Companies that do not provide any information or little information of the dividends online could present more detail in the annual reports published by them.

Dividend Growth Blogs

In order to know the history of the dividend, you can also refer some of the blogs covering the dividend investing. These blogs focus primarily on the growth of a dividend, which could help you to have a clearer picture.

Dividend History

Stock’s dividend history changes quarter wise, with the decrease and increase in the percentage, is shown whenever the company adjusts the payout for the shareholders. You can easily check the list in order to know about the stocks that are researched mostly.

The points that we have discussed will surely help you to know the stock dividend history, but apart of that you can also go through The Chart. By reading the investment charts you may be able to know a lot about the stock dividend you are looking forward to. If the charts start for the lower left and end on upper right, then it means to be a good thing. In case you find the chart that is moving downward then try to keep yourself away of it. You can easily make a choice from thousand of stocks and there is no need to pick the one that is not showing any profit. In case you believe a particular stock will perform fine, then instead of purchasing it right away, put in in your watchlist and check it after some time. Beta, could also be checked before making a purchase for a stock dividend. Volatility and mood of the stock of the company is measured by Beta, in terms of its performance in the last five years.

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