A Senior Healthcare Partner with The Health Insurance Group, Paul Hopewell, has cycled from Southampton to Sheffield, 240 miles, in just 18 hours, a feat that has so far raised £9,000 and the total is still rising as the fund will be kept open for a further 24 days.

Bryan Steel and Paul Hopewell at THIG offices in Sheffield
Bryan Steel and Paul Hopewell at THIG offices in Sheffield

The recurring 24 is significant because this is the number of weeks at which a premature baby is considered viable, with the right support and equipment. The money raised from this epic ride will go to the King’s Mill Specialist Baby Unit in Mansfield, where Paul’s son was cared for 15 years ago.

Paul Hopewell said: “Everybody has been so generous with their support and sponsorship contributions. I am exhausted but very exhilarated to know that we have raised over £9,000 for the unit that saved my son Ryan’s life and helped raise the profile of all the specialist baby units around the country that do such fantastic work, looking after 54,000 premature babies every year.”

Olympic silver and bronze medal winning pursuit cyclist Bryan Steel has been helping Paul train for the event and accompanied him on the ride. “This was a huge challenge for both of us,” admits Bryan. “It shows what can be done with the right training and motivation. Paul and everyone involved should be very proud of what they have achieved for the special baby unit.”

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